Estates and Services to Executors

Monique handled everything professionally and expeditiously. She made the process understandable and was always available to answer questions. Both my client and I were extremely pleased. We really could not have navigated the Canadian probate process without her

~ Robert Warach – Lawyer, El Paso, Texas

For many people, being named as executor in the Will of a loved one may be the first time they have had to handle all the practical tasks of taking care of an estate, at the same time as dealing with their loss. I help executors by explaining the process and what needs to be done, and helping with the steps that the executor wants help with.

Some people are familiar with probate, but for others the first questions may be “What is probate, do I need it, and how do I get it?” Probate is a court order that tells the world the Will is legally valid, and the executor has the authority to deal with the estate. The Land Title Office, banks and other financial institutions rely on probate when they transfer property in the name of a person who has died to the executor named in the Will.

I help executors apply for probate, and I am available to help with any of the steps an executors needs help with after probate is received. Every estate is different, and steps I may help with after probate are coordinating with accountants to make sure the right tax returns are filed, transferring assets to the executor or beneficiaries, preparing estate accounts, and getting the proper releases before money is distributed to beneficiaries.

I also help with international and out-of-province estates. For example, if a person made a Will in another province or country and owned land or other assets in BC, I can help the executor in the other jurisdiction to deal with property in BC by resealing or getting an ancillary grant in BC. If a person made separate Wills in BC and in another country or province, I can help the executor of the BC Will get a probate grant to deal with the property in BC.