Getting Started

In most cases, the best way to get started is to telephone us at 778-331-8868 and ask to speak to my assistant Rebecca. She can tell you about our process, answer many initial questions you may have, and set up a consultation meeting for us. Before the meeting, she will send you a questionnaire to fill out and bring with you to your appointment.

At our initial consultation appointment, we talk in more detail about you and the background information that is relevant to the legal work that needs to be done, make a plan for your legal services, and discuss and agree on the cost.

How I charge: For most Wills & Estate Planning, I set a flat fee for the services to be provided so that you can know in advance what your cost will be. The total cost will include the flat fee, out-of-pocket expenses (eg, title searches and wills notice filing), and GST/PST. Often we can get enough information by phone call to quote a fee, and sometimes I need more information from our consultation meeting – if the situation or your plans are more complex than you or I expected, I let you know at the consultation meeting. Fertility Agreements can also usually be done for a flat fee. Flat fees usually include the consultation meeting, writing documents based on your initial instructions, a certain amount of time between meetings for revisions and/or communication with the other lawyer, and the signing meeting.

For Independent Legal Advice on fertility agreements, relative Adoptions, and Estates & Services to Executors, and marriage or cohabitation agreements, I charge an hourly rate and give an estimate of the time I think will be involved. My hourly rate is $350.

Is there a cost for the consultation? If you choose to proceed right away, the cost of the consultation is included in the flat fee or is part of the first invoice. If you choose not to proceed right away, the initial consultation fee of $350 plus taxes (for up to 1 1/2 hours) is payable at the end of the consultation.