Why are you closing?
I have accepted a new in-house position, and cannot carry on my legal practice at the same time.

I am one of your clients: what is the status of my file?
Your file is closed. However, in keeping with Law Society of BC guidelines, I will continue to store your electronic file in case it’s needed in the future.

If you have not yet retrieved your original documents, please email me at monique@shebbearelaw.com so we can make arrangements to get them to you.

I am one of your clients: what if I need to make changes to my documents, or need new work done or further legal advice?
I’ll be happy to refer you to another lawyer. Please email me at monique@shebbearelaw.com and I will send you some options.

Once you retain a new lawyer, I’ll be happy to send them PDF copies of your signed documents (e.g. your will, power of attorney, representation agreement), as well as the Word versions of your most recent documents, so that they won’t need to start drafting new documents for you from scratch. Please have your new lawyer email me directly for this.

I referred clients to you: can you recommend other lawyers?
I would be happy to. Please email me at monique@shebbearelaw.com and I can send you some options for other estate lawyers in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

I was referred to you and was hoping to be your client: what should I do now?
Thank you, and I am sorry I won’t be able to help you after all.

If you are seeking an estate lawyer, please ask your referral source if they know of someone else who could help you. You can also email me at monique@shebbearelaw.com and I can send you the names of some estate lawyers I recommend.

If you are seeking a fertility lawyer, please ask your fertility clinic for another referral or check out Fertility Law BC, a working group of lawyers who each practice independently in this field. You’ll find them at https://www.fertilitylawbc.com/about-us/ .